Mark Teague, 1989-2021

Mark Teague A kind-hearted, staggeringly bright, man of many talents. In addition to being an exemplary bookstore clerk and all-around stellar human, Mark Teague was a Mason, a Red Seal chef, and an honours student; he volunteered time to a university radio station, local music magazine, and worked and volunteered with addictions recovery. All ofRead More

Hakluyt Society Collection

This Just In: a few dozen titles published by The Hakluyt Society. “Since its foundation in 1846, the Hakluyt Society has been centrally concerned with the publication of scholarly editions of primary records of voyages and travels. With some 370 volumes published, this remains our principal activity, while we now extend our work to conferences,Read More

COVID-19: Shop hours and regulations; free local delivery; curbside pickup

January 2022 We are open Monday to Saturday, 10-4; closed holidays. All staff are vaccinated, wearing medical masks, and adhering to all public health recommendations. *masks are required (worn properly please!), hand sanitizer provided, comfortable occupancy limits enforced.  We continue to offer curbside pickup, free delivery to nearby neighbourhoods, and delivery at cost everywhere else in theRead More

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Photograph Album: Canadian Canoe Trip Through Indigenous Lands, ca. 1911-1913

  An engaging and delightful album of historically important, personal snapshots of canoe trips through Quebec, 1911-1913, the photographs being further animated by the typed captions, which provide details regarding locations, dates, names, and/or the photographer’s relationship to the subjects. Photographed subjects feature Indigenous peoples, camps, families, activities, and homes, including “Indian Women”; “Indian BurialRead More

Karl Marx, CAPITAL, 1887 [SOLD]

Marx, Karl; Frederick Engels, ed. CAPITAL A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production  Volumes I and II. Most pages uncut: unread and in wonderful condition. First edition in English. Translated from the third German edition, by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling, and edited by Frederick Engels. “The first French translation… was substantially revised by Marx himself;Read More

A Dozen Items for the NYC Book & Ephemera Fair

A Dozen Items For the NYC Book & Ephemera Fair, March 6& 7, 2020 at 980 Park Ave. Click here for hours, a map, and $5 off your entry fee! First extensive work on the comparative anatomy of vertebrates   Valentini [Valentinus], Michael Bernhard [Michaele Bernhardo] (1657-1729).  Amphitheatrum Zootomicum Tabulis Aeneis Quamplurimis Exhibens Historiam Animalium Anatomicam … è miscellaneis S. R. I. academiæ naturæ curiosorum, diariis Societatum Scientiarum Regiarum, Parisiensis, Anglicæ & Prussiacæ, actis Hafniensibus & Lipsiensibus, zootomiis anatomicorum celeberrimorum aliisque scriptis rarioribus collectam. : Accedit methodus secandi cadav. humana cum enchiresibus iniiciendi ceram, hydrargyrum & stannum inRead More

Amphitheatrum Zootomicum: the First Extensive Work on the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

      Valentini [Valentinus], Michael Bernhard [Michaele Bernhardo] (1657-1729). Amphitheatrum Zootomicum Tabulis Aeneis Quamplurimis Exhibens Historiam Animalium Anatomicam … è miscellaneis S. R. I. academiæ naturæ curiosorum, diariis Societatum Scientiarum Regiarum, Parisiensis, Anglicæ & Prussiacæ, actis Hafniensibus & Lipsiensibus, zootomiis anatomicorum celeberrimorum aliisque scriptis rarioribus collectam. : Accedit methodus secandi cadav. humana cum enchiresibusRead More