Rare Autographed Correspondence, Prices Reduced!

We are delighted to offer a selection of signed correspondence from three notable figures of the last two centuries.

Maugham, William Somerset. Somerset Maugham Autographed Letter, Signed Postcard, and assorted related ephemera. Unknown, ca. 1947. Includes a brief signed, handwritten letter dated Sept 11/1947, on stationery from Villa Mauresque, St. Jean-Cap Ferrat, A.M.; the envelope in which the letter was mailed, addressed to “I– G—–, c/o Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait, Persian Gulf; a typewritten transcription of said letter; a postcard of Maugham with Maugham’s signature along the side margin; a black-and-white photograph of the author; and a photographic print of a portrait the author. All framed together, silver frame measuring 22.5 x 20.5”.

Thanking recipient for his letter, and wistfully adding “I am envious of the material for short stories which must be lying about all round you & which no one is going to do anything about.” On his travels, particularly in the East, Maugham was anxious to learn the “stories” of unusual people he met as raw material for his work. However, his shyness combined with his stutter made him unwilling to engage in conversation with those he did not know well, and he came to rely on his secretary and lover, the gregarious Gerald Haxton, to “draw out” suitable people on his behalf. (#045804) $1,000.00 USD  $650 USD.


Burton, Richard Francis [1821-1890]. Sir Richard Francis Burton Handwritten Letter. London, No date. A framed miscellany featuring a brief handwritten letter signed by Sir Richard Francis Burton on stationary from The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall with blind-stamped crest of the famed club; accompanied by a typewritten transcription of aforementioned letter, black and white photographic portrait, and print of a hand drawn portrait of Burton. All framed together, silver frame measuring 16″ by 24″.

Rare signed correspondence from the great Victorian renaissance man. He captivated Victorian England with his daring adventures – particularly his sensational and well-documented journey to Mecca and Medina disguised as an Afghan pilgrim, and his disputed discovery of the source of the Nile. (#046045) $1,000.00 USD  $650 USD.


Daudet, Alphonse [1840-1897]. Alphonse Daudet Handwritten Letter. Brief handwritten letter (4″ x 6″) from Alphonse Daudet to unknown recipient, accompanied by a photographic image of the French author, and a typewritten transcription of said letter. Framed together; frame measures 18″ x 20.5″. Manuscripts & Paper. (#046044) $500.00 USD $400 USD.


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