Amphitheatrum Zootomicum: the First Extensive Work on the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates




Valentini [Valentinus], Michael Bernhard [Michaele Bernhardo] (1657-1729).

Amphitheatrum Zootomicum Tabulis Aeneis Quamplurimis Exhibens Historiam Animalium Anatomicam … è miscellaneis S. R. I. academiæ naturæ curiosorum, diariis Societatum Scientiarum Regiarum, Parisiensis, Anglicæ & Prussiacæ, actis Hafniensibus & Lipsiensibus, zootomiis anatomicorum celeberrimorum aliisque scriptis rarioribus collectam. : Accedit methodus secandi cadav. humana cum enchiresibus iniiciendi ceram, hydrargyrum & stannum in vasa sanguisera & lymphatica, ut & ars dealbandi ossa pro sceletopoeia, cum osteologia, tabulis myologicis aliisque mss. Rauianis, hactenus summoperè expetitis.

Complete, and retaining 102 of the 105 plates.

Generously illustrated with engravings, presumably the more exotic created from descriptions, in that they are not *quite* right but more or less accurate: i.e. a heavily anthropomorphised elephant face, a camel with more of a tuft than a hump, and some proportional inaccuracies, which lend no small amount of charm thereto. Stunning depictions of the animals which would have been more familiar in the region, such as the horse. Including depictions of animals, their skeletons, organs, partial dissections and the like. Text in double columns. Printed on rag paper, by Zunner, who is noteworthy for being the first Christian publisher to become a partner with a Jew, bookseller Meyer Abraham Beer. “First extensive work on the comparative anatomy of vertebrates” – Casey Wood. By the author of “Museum Museorum” (Sabin 98357), considered one of the great illustrated books of the era, a repertory of all of the then-known cabinets of curiosities. OCLC Number 1114793608; Garrison & Morton 303.

Frankfurt: Zunnerianorum et Joh. Adami Jungii [Published by heirs of Johann David Zunner and Johann Adam Jungen], 1720. Pagination: [16] 231, [1], 231, [1], 114, [4]. Complete, and retaining 102 of the 105 plates (missing 30, 43, 66), plus engraved title. 4to (33 cm). Hand-lettered vellum spine, over raw boards (covering material having fallen by the wayside with the exception of a few fragments here and there). Boards heavily worn, some tattering, engraved title laid-in loose, a handful of plates are on paper wider than the text block which has caused the edges to be a bit tattered, occasional worming and spotting, but clean and bright overall, text block sturdy and sound. Vellum. (#061414)

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