Sell Your Books

Our shop is a temporary repository, and we are passionate about stewarding artifacts and information from one set of hands to the next, like an orphanage for books!

Part of remaining relevant and maintaining a dedicated clientele, is the need for a continuous influx of new material, so we are always interested in buying books. If you have books to sell, have a look at the options laid out below, and know that we will treat you and your books with care and respect.

Do you have books to sell?

Bring them in: any time during shop hours. If you want them evaluated on-the-spot when you come in, please make an appointment (click the button, or call 204-947-5931). You will find a loading zone directly in front of the shop, and several bus stops within a block. If you prefer to have the books pre-screened, email us a single, high-res stack photo.

Schedule a housecall: if you have too many books to bring in, we may be able to come out to your residence to evaluate your collection. Email or call (204-947-5931) to discuss the details and make an appointment.

Email the details: if you are from out of town, or want your books pre-screened, email a stack photo (high-res please) and/or details to

Consign: we offer consignment terms for some books valued over $1000.00 USD. Contact us for a consultation.

We pay in cash or credit, according to your preference.

What do we buy?

We will purchase anything for which we have a ready market, including antiquarian and collectable books, Classics, Art, local and Canadian History, Children’s, Philosophy, and Literature, and extending to paper items including photographs, postcards, booklets, and original correspondance.

We pay a premium for:

Antiquarian & Collectable Books

Indigenous Studies

Classical Studies

Manitoba/Prairie History

Canadian Art

Fine Bindings

Illustrated Books

First Editions

Signed Books


What don’t we buy?

Romance novels; Reader’s Digest; Encyclopaedias (excepting some pre-1915); Magazines; Damaged books; Textbooks.