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Kerouac! Limited edition of 1,000 copies, printed in 1983.
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Such a cool exhibition! #beyondvangogh ...

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Dogs, ready! 🐾 ...

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Nude books! 👀 These exhibitionists unabashedly stand amongst their brethren, jacketless!

Seriously though: please, don’t throw out dust jackets. Some of these books would be worth more than double their current value if they retained their jackets! Dust jackets are not only valuable and visually appealing, they sometimes have little hints which help determine whether a book is a first edition, and protect the book from damage and dust, so they last longer.

If your design aesthetic is better suited to books without their jackets, just tuck them away for now. Do it for posterity, and because you love them! ❤️📚

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I’ve heard of stranger things than snacking on paper.

Back in the ‘90s, when I was working for another bookseller, they bought a collection of a few hundred history books… and we had to clean the gutters of every book with a paintbrush, because the previous owner would pluck hairs to use as bookmarks. 🤢 Were it me, I’m not sure I would’ve purchased that particular collection!🙅‍♀️ I am very particular about cleanliness and condition, which some sellers find irritating, but the clientele appreciates the effort!

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Here is some Plath for your holiday Monday.
We are closed today, cooking for family and watching out for thumbs. 🔪🔪🔪#sylviaplath #poem #holidays

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Does anyone out there like classic cookbooks? Asking for a friend. #cookbooks #bookstacks #classicbooks #shelfie #library #bookstores #goodbooks #goodeats #cooking ...

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