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Serendipity awaits you in our friendly shop, where we offer an eclectic, fresh collection of around 20,000 meticulously-curated antiquarian and good used books.

We have a long-established reputation of easygoing professionalism and maintain a refined selection of everything from first editions, fine bindings and antiquarian books, to Indigenous studies, literature, art, and classics, with new acquisitions daily.

We are located in the heart of downtown, in a bright space with lofty ceilings and towering windows which look out onto one of Winnipeg’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares.

We are always purchasing good books. We seek out and pay a premium for, valuable books, including rare books, fine bindings, illustrated books, first editions, signed books, and more. We also offer book searches, acquisitions development consultations, appraisals, movie rentals, and mail orders.


Did you know: In addition to buying and selling (good) used books, we offer professional appraisal and consultation services. 📚🔍

Sometimes, folks will ask us for an "evaluation" when, really, they are just looking to sell their books to us.

While our buying process does include a basic evaluation of your books (for condition, historical significance, etc.), an appraisal offers an in depth analysis of your book or collection, and leaves you with a legal document attesting to the value of your item(s).

🌟 An appraisal is useful for determining fair market value for donation or insurance purposes. 🌟

Read our latest blog post to learn more about our appraisal and consultation services! Link in bio 😊

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Feeling very grateful for the A/C in the shop today 😅, everyone who has kept us busy & supported us this summer ❤️, and for this long weekend—which will surely include moments similar to the scene above (from William Kurelek`s `A Prairie Boy`s Summer`) 🌞🌾📖

We`re closed Sunday & Monday this week. Back to regular hours on Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend, and we will see you soon 😊

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We`re constantly buying new books from local bibliophiles and serendipitously rehoming them to readers around the world 😊

If you have books you`re hoping to sell to us, read our latest blog post for a guide to our buying process. 🤝

Follow the link in our bio to find our blog and some other helpful webpages, too!

Swing by the shop to see what we`ve acquired this week. 📚🐛We`re open 10 to 4:30, Monday through Saturday.

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A lovely copy of a wonderful book!

I loved the story when I was a kid and then I loved reading it to my kids a few decades on. This is probably the nicest copy of the first edition, that I have had the pleasure to acquire.


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We are HIRING!

A couple of our loyal lynchpins plan to adjust their schedules in September, opening up some hours for a friendly, curious, kind person who meshes well with our quirks, can fill one or two weekday shifts, and brings in a good cover letter and résumé detailing the reason for the interest, and existing skills transferrable to the position. Bonus points for in-person drop offs directly to me (Aimee: I’m here most weekdays).

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What’s the news? We will soon be HIRING! Stay tuned.

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Did you know that Louis Riel wrote poetry?

These poems were composed in 1879 when he was in exile in Montana. At the time of publication, there was some uncertainty as to the poems’ authenticity, so the Riel family included a statement at the end of the book, certifying that this is a true copy of the documents written and composed by Louis “David” Riel.

This ephemeral little item used to be quite hard to come by. It has become slightly less scarce over the last five or ten years, possibly because his name is now so recognizable that people understand what it is, they have found in the attic! Luckily, this also means that the price has come down somewhat.

DM to reserve or inquire.

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Leave a Want 📚🤞

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in store, you can leave a “want” our website to be automatically notified if that title ever becomes available!

Be proactive about tackling your to-read list without having the sacrifice the charm of buying used & local 😁

Visit our website to read a blog post with clear instructions on how to use the Leave a Want feature 👩‍💻

What’s on your to-read list? Let us know in the comments 👇

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Who’s here for the jacket art? Canadian lit? First editions?


These are the Andre Deutsch first editions of Richler’s first and fourth novels.

These just in, amongst a handful of other nice Richler books.

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