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In the fall of 2000, Bison Books first opened up in a cozy little spot on Donald Street. The proprietor, Michael Park, was an experienced bookseller, who, in keeping with the eternal bookseller cliche, had more books than space! By 2003, we outgrew that location, and moved to Kennedy St. Within a few years we’d expanded into the space next door. In the fall of 2010, we moved to our current location at 424 Graham Ave., and Aimee Peake completed her purchase of the business.

We now have 2,250 bright and sunny square feet, with lofty ceilings and towering windows which look onto one of downtown Winnipeg’s busiest pedestrian streets.

We maintain a general stock of around 20,000 meticulously-curated books, with a focus on antiquarian books, Indigenous Studies, Canadian Art and Literature, and Western Canadian History, and extending to classics, philosophy, cookbooks, and beyond. We endeavour to keep our shelves well-organized and our shop clean and tidy, for the pleasure and convenience of our in-shop customers. (The soundtrack is an ongoing source of debate, however!)

We buy books almost every day, which ensures that we maintain a fresh, current and high-quality selection. Some of our books come in as part of large collections, and sometimes we buy just a book or two at a time. We’re always buying, we treat people fairly, and we pay outright for our books, which helps us to maintain loyal sellers and a continuous influx of treasures.

We regularly carry out appraisals, work with clients on collections development, and issue custom lists on request.

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