Privacy Policy

Bison Books respects the privacy of its customers and the security of any personal information which may be provided to us in the course of any transaction. We believe in the individual’s right to privacy, and a company’s right to protect their customers’ rights to confidentiality.

We do not solicit any more information from our customers than is required to meet their needs in the buying and selling of books. Some of this information is either physically or electronically shredded as soon as it is no longer of use. Other information we retain to serve our customers’ interests, or meet their requests. For example, we do keep on file a customer’s email address, mailing information, and contact information (if provided).

We never share this information with anyone. We consider such information to be privileged, and will delete it or destroy it, upon request from the individual concerned.

We occasionally will send a customer an email, to let them know that we have acquired something that may be of interest to them. We do not send unsolicited emails. If a customer, or other contact, requests that we stop sending email, we honour such requests.

We do save credit card information for a reasonable period of time after a sale, in case it is needed to process a refund, or an additional purchase. This information is not stored by us in any electronic format, but is kept in a secure environment.

We do not keep credit card information online. If a customer orders a book directly from us, and paid online by credit card, we print off that information, and then the credit info is deleted. If a customer orders a book from us, through another website (such as AbeBooks or Alibris), we have no control over the retention and deletion of their information; the responsibility for keeping that information secure rests with the database to which the customer initially entrusted the data.